Solo female Traveler- Why & How?


Solo female traveler, an over hyped trend or may be it has to be this way. I completely relate to the apprehension of being a single woman traveler largely because of two reasons, firstly as I did my first trip overseas all by myself when I didn’t even know what’s an Immigration form and secondly being a hotelier, I meet single lady business travelers quite often who have all kinds of queries about their safety while they stay inside or step outside the hotel premises.

There are many blogs or articles talking about various destinations not being best to travel for single lady travelers and few full of recommendations of what to do and what not to do while you travel alone. But holistically thinking safety & security is just not the only fact why woman always give up on traveling alone.  There’s absolutely more to this, anxieties, vulnerabilities and lack of awareness are also the reasons why we are delaying or canceling that trip year after year. The anxieties like how will I manage all that alone? The vulnerability if I’ll be safe or not? And lack of awareness to plan your trip yourself instead of being reliant on others.

The tendency of women traveling for work has been persistently growing however there are still many hiccups for woman to travel alone for leisure.

However ladies it’s really not that challenging and none of your anxieties are too important to not be avoided. Before we share what would help you avoid these anxieties lets first understand why traveling solo is an enriching experiencing.

When you travel alone you make your own decisions – You choose 🙂 


I always miss traveling alone since I always felt like a free bird whenever I explored places alone. Remember once you have a partner you have someone to point out if you should pick this or that which sometimes is upsetting.  When you plan your trip alone you decide which destination, adventure or romance, which airlines, window or aisle, hostel or hotel hence a solo trip is like being a “Queen” making all choices.

When you travel alone – People are kinder to you          

Am not sure how many of you have experienced this but I can certainly vouch for this. Whenever I have traveled alone people in an unknown land came across to me more modestly and accommodating. From offering food to suggesting you some of the best local things or places to explore, people do offer a hand always.

You may indulge in crazy things since no one’s watching

Oh yes! Go crazy as you can be because there’s no one with you to watch you or instruct you. You wish to go on a blind date, have a small affair, dance the night out, live with locals in their house, sleep under the sky or get eloped to an unknown island. The happiness of no one watching can only be found if you traveling alone.

Traveling alone offers you best of your life experiences

Remember Eat Pray Love, how Liz meeting Ketut at Bali changed her perspective to appreciate life. Although travel is a learning experience but traveling alone is even better. Traveling solo offers you life’s best experiences by the choices you make alone on your journeys.

Traveling alone articulates how strong you are?

You finally did everything on your own, right from choosing your destination, booking your plane tickets, currency exchange, reserving a room at a hotel till hiring cabs throughout your journey you managed to do all this alone from thinking how would you do this? This big change would tell you how strong you are to do everything on your own.

While traveling alone as a woman is a life enriching experience we would suggest certain precautions you must take when you leave to discover a new land.

“Make your travel safe and easy with these recommendations”

Pick a correct destination

It’s very important that you pick a correct destination. Escape traveling to countries that have political, cultural and Safety issues to begin with until you are ready for those adventures. While there are some countries which are absolutely easy with solo female travelers there are few where you need to ponder upon before you plan. Do your research before you decide your destination.

Plan your trip

If you are new to the domain of traveling solo don’t try to be too adventurous, having a good itinerary is key. Plan your trip, your sightseeing, your expenses and everything else much before you land at an unknown land. When you choose to book your travel through a tour operator ensure they are reputed, ones who made millions travel and are known in the market. There are numerous websites out there who are designing holiday packages but not all of them can actually do it efficiently. So target the correct planner for yourself. Make sure before you board your plane you have all vouchers, itineraries and tickets with you.

Don’t forget to take an international Sim

You might be planning to leave behind everything and everyone before you begin your journey but losing contacts is not a great idea. Make sure you have an international sim to touch base with someone back home and in the country you are traveling to in exigencies. Having an international sim card is not an experience affair as it is assumed to be. There are multiple of operators providing these services at minimal prices without much formality. So let your phone ring 🙂

Use Travel Guides & Maps to explore around

It’s always a good idea to keep a travel guide of the destination you’re traveling to as it would provide you all the needed information just when you need it. Maps are other important tools to keep you on right track. Before you ask a stranger for directions, follow maps, guides and your instinct.

Hiring a Taxi

Statistics depict major criminal activities take place with solo woman travelers for their bad judgment for hiring a taxi. Always hire taxis which are authorized by local government bodies as those vehicles are registered. Use public means of transport like metro trains, hop-on hop-off buses over private taxis. Make sure your taxi either operates with meter or you negotiate the price much before boarding the taxi to avoid confrontation with your driver on your way or at reaching your destination.

Keep your belongings safe as much as you keep yourself

Not just solo but whenever you are traveling you must keep your belongings safe. First and foremost don’t carry valuable articles with you when you travel as they attract attention which is something you don’t need when you’re alone. Lock your belongings in hotel safe instead of taking them everywhere with you. Try to divide and keep your currency in case you misplace them from one place you still have something with you. Carrying passports during your sightseeing is a big “No, No” instead keep photocopies with you just to avoid losing them.

Travel light

I try this but always end up having an extra bag whenever I travel but trust me it’s a bad idea because I always repent later. Packing less than you need, will help you travel efficiently especially when you have many trains and buses to catch during your travel. Choosing to spend at laundry then traveling excess clothes is a recommended option. A good sunscreen or a BB cream along with kohl and a lip color is all you would need to look great on your vacation so avoid holding the entire makeup equipment.

Be healthy

Always remember that you are alone while you travel solo hence there would be no one to take care if you are not your 100%. Ensure you take all vaccination before you travel to countries where it’s a travel prerequisite. Ensure you drink healthy water and eat healthy to avoid any sort of health issues. Keep basic medicines along with you in your travel kit.

You don’t need attention

One thing you can’t afford is to grab wrong attention when you are alone. Avoid indulging in things that would grab unnecessary attention from the locals which may harm you. Ensure wearing right attire at places where it’s mandatory; avoid entering spaces which are prohibited or any other activity which is against the local laws and rituals. Don’t behave too much like a tourist and respect the local culture and adhere to their norms.

“The woman who follows the crowd will usually go no further than the crowd. The woman who walks alone is likely to find herself in places no one has ever been before” – Albert Einstein