About Miss with Migratory wings


Who am I?

Namaste! I’m Mokshta Chauhan (Miss with Migratory wings) from India, a hotelier by profession and spirit. I’m a history and culture buff grown up listening to the bedtime stories of how my country feature a different culture in every 500 km and even lesser at some places. Am profoundly attached to all these traditions and cultures I have seen and experienced while growing up. I love Indian festivals, Indian food, and Indian Royalty.

With HH Maharaja Gaj Singh of Jodhpur at the World Sacred Spirit Sufi Festival of Jodhpur. 

How did my wings emerge? 

I always dreamt or instead dream of publishing my book someday but writers (not sure if I may call myself one now or its too early) are born with the bad habit of procrastination. I tried to write few chapters of my someday would be published book and left it in between. I attended a couple of “How to write a book ” courses also just to motivate myself but nothing worked out, unfortunately. And then I heard a couple of stories of how the manuscripts of various writers were rejected from various publications and that was another setback.
But writing is a passion, writers thoroughly enjoy when they are in the right spirit or state of mind. I guess I haven’t still achieved the patience levels to sit and write a book hence my travel blog is a building block while I travel the world and inspire people to do so with my intriguing stories.

“If I waited till I felt like writing, I’d never write at all “


Why traveling?

Working as a Hotelier from a decade I have been meeting people from all lands and being a culture buff it always intrigued me to know about these people. Whenever I saw people with different color, different dialect or with a different attire my brain reached the extreme levels of fantasizing everything about these people. This inquisitiveness to know a person from a different land made me travel.

My first destination

As a kid, my favorite destination was my grandmothers home, a small village located near Agra, the city of Taj Mahal. I can’t forget the dark chilly winters and the smoke coming from the mud chimneys knowns as “Chulla” besides which my grandmother served us hot meals. In summers the sky sparkled with millions of stars while I gaze them lying on the terrace for natural air conditioning as the place didn’t have any electricity. Those were the days and the destination I miss the most.

My Favorite destination 

Today all my journeys are about Culture. I love India because it has an abundance of culture that keeps most of us rooted. Rajasthan is one destination which remains in my heart and every time I visit there I feel I belong there. Things are so natural still in Rajasthan just like was in past. I’m a crazy admirer of Indian Royalty especially coming from this part of the world.

Why stories at Miss with migratory wings? 

Miss with migratory wings is a space to inspire travel and bring answers for our reader’s interest in unfamiliar lands. You would find travel stories here, which could be luxurious, budgeted, adventurous, solo, spiritual or an awakening experience. This website has facts about various destinations, written while sharing real-life experiences so that we can display tiniest of the details that would help you plan your travel better.


PS: I trust you would find yourself engaged in my next travel tale, while I travel the world 🙂