Travel Guide to Phuket in 48 hours


Phuket is one of the southern provinces of Thailand. It consists of the island of Phuket, the country’s largest island, and another 32 smaller islands off its coast.This blue province of Thailand is a hot favorite among travelers after the electrifying city of Bangkok. I stayed at Phuket for 02 nights which should be an ideal length of stay for travelers unless you wish to laze at the beach for days in the desire of perfect tan. With my first-hand experience check out this Travel Guide to Phuket in 48 hours. I stayed at the Mövenpick Resort & Spa located at Karon Beach, a perfect spot to enjoy the serene blue waters of Karon. Most of the travelers who visit Phuket either inhabit at the Karon or at Patong beach making both the spots a tourism mess.

Getting there

Phuket has good air connectivity from major cities of Thailand. Phuket can also be accessed through a bus or the Thailand taxi or Van. If you love to travel waterways then Phuket can also be accessed through local ferries from nearby provinces like Krabi.One of the best thing about Thailand is that every city has tourist offices and kiosks in abundance who would assist in confirming and booking your tours or interstate transportation.These offices are one-stop information centers and one must approach them for any sort of information.

Getting a Visa   

Phuket airport also facilitates visa on arrival in case you are having a direct flight from your ex-destination to Phuket. In case you have layover flight that changes at Bangkok you need to procure your visa at Bangkok airport before boarding your flight to Phuket. Submit the filled up Visa on Arrival form, together with the passport, boarding pass, filled in Arrival / Departure Card and Photograph at Counter 1, where the officer will do a preliminary check and ask you to pay the fee of 1200 THB

Currency of Thailand

The Local and official currency of Thailand is Thai Baht (THB). Every commercial market of Thailand has foreign exchange outlets and changing currency is stress-free. It’s always suitable to keep enough THB while traveling to Phuket as many commercial institutions, shops, and vendors don’t accept the plastic currency.


As understood Phuket is a destination loved for sun and sand hence staying at a beach is much endorsed than staying in the city. Phuket, as you might not have heard from many travelers, is beyond Karon and Patong beach. With the city expanding in last few years travelers have also migrated from these two prominent spots to not so known but commendable beach locations. To learn more about finding an accommodation at different beaches click

I have listed few experiences which I have personally experienced and recommend others for experiencing Phuket in 48 hours.

Have 24 hours do this :


Explore Karon Beach     

Carry your beach mat and there’s plentiful space at Karon Beach. Karon is a quieter beach which gives you enough space to relax or laze in lingerie for that perfect tan. The long white sand beach gives a perfect space for a long walk or a relax swim. Karon beach is also surrounded by many mid and upscale resorts and hostels so if you wish to avoid long tuk-tuk rides to reach here, simply book your accommodation here.

In the evening, shift to the market surrounding Karon Beach to enjoy a fresh spread of seafood at buzzing restaurants, local music performances or just buy yourself a drink and enjoy the sound of waves.


Explore Patong       

Patong Beach – Patong Beach is more hippy in nature with backpack crowd. The beach is equally cleaner but far more crowded than Karon. Patong also provides a huge collection of water activities comparatively to other beaches keeping the visitors involved.

Patong Beach


Patong Nightlife – Patong comes into life at night when the crowd from the beach shifts to the local pubs, market, and restaurants. The pubs are open until early morning and are the most happening place to be. The Bangla Road is a must to experience zone for those who don’t mind some kinkiness.

Try the Thai fresh Sea food supper

Irrespective which beach you decide to stay, the petite roadside market of every beach has an open buffet presenting Thai gastronomy. Just choose your pick and find it being prepared as per your taste buds or authentic Thai style.

Indulge in a Traditional Thai massage

A Thai massage is quintessential when in Thailand and it is for everybody. You either pick a luxurious set up of a five-star resort or a minor set up across the road. An authentic Thai massage involves body stretches without using any oil that relaxes your muscles. The markets of Phuket everywhere offers traditional massage parlors offering Thai and Balinese massages in as low as 100 THB.

Get some fish Pedicure

Likewise, the traditional Spa parlors are the Thai grooming salons keeping the travelers relaxed and groomed while traveling. The locals offer various grooming services for travelers and the profoundly favorite among these is the fish pedicure. Although the concept is nothing new to the world however after a long day of excursion there’s nothing like leaving your foot relaxed.

Indulge in some water adventures

If you are a water baby, Phuket is the island you must tick. The different beaches at Phuket offer water activities like Snorkelling, Surfing, Kite Surfing, Kayaking, Fishing, Wakeboarding and also the one you are looking for. Just approach a local travel agent and have your activity fixed. They can advise you which beach is best for your desired sport.

Discover Phuket’s Rainforest with Flying Hanuman

Flying Hanuman brings Zipline in Jungle adventure in Phuket to see island’s beauty goes beyond the sea, sun, and sand. The hillsides of Phuket overflow with thick forest that is great for exploration and outdoor activities. This adventure takes you through ziplines, sky bridges, abseil Points, spiral stairways, sky rail and wilderness walk. If you want more details about this adventure and the cost log in


Have 48 hours do this :

Visit Phang Na Bay or Phi Phi Islands – Plan a day excursion from Phuket on your day 2

Spend a day out of Phuket to explore the nearby islands of Phi Phi and limestone cliffs and caves of Phang Na Bay. While a day journey to Phi Phi is a bit hectic but traveling to Phang Na Bay and James Bong Island in the long boat is an enthralling experience. You can book these excursions with the tour operators in the nearest available local market. The excursions can be booked within 2000 THB per person but a bargain is MUST and can grab you cheaper deals.

Canoeing in the stalactites and stalagmites formations near James Bond Island is an indispensable experience. Just like many other travelers, you can book a day trip to Phi Phi Islands but honestly being a very hush-hush affair I personally don’t recommend it. I would rather recommend staying at the Phi Phi islands for a night to experience these serene blue islands in no-tourist hours.

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James Bond Island during our Trip to Phang Na Bay

Canoeing through the stalactites and stalagmites formations – Phang Na Bay

Phi Phi Don Islands during our day trip to Phi Phi

The crowded Maya Bay during our day trip to Phi Phi


Well, a day trip to these excursions would exhaust you by end of the day. Either come back and relax at your resort or hit your nearest market or pub to grab a beer 🙂 This is where I had hit at Karon.


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